Public Jobs

Bids due in 25 days
2/19/20 1:30 pm
Cottonwood Sewer Pump Station Upgrade
City of Walla Walla
Walla Walla, WA
Upgrade cottonwood sewer pump station. Install new pumps, controls, check valves, emergency generator, and slab and retaining wall for the generator and fencing.
Bids due in 19 days
2/13/20 10:00 am
Street and Stormwater Maintenance - 2020 - ARI
City of Spokane Valley
Spokane Valley, WA
The project consists of asphalt repair, roadway shoulder repair and grading, gravel road grading, crack sealing, sidewalk and path repair, guardrail repair, fencing repair, drainage structure repair and installation, curb and gutter and inlet repair and installation and other and other related work.
Bids due in 26 days
2/20/20 11:00 am
WSDOT - NCR Sign Update 19-21 - Chelan and Grant Counties
WSDOT - Washington Department of Transportation
Chelan and Grant Counties, WA
This Contract provides for the improvement of US 2 MP 105.03 to MP 119.77, in Chelan County, SR 17 MP 50.14 to MP 67.33, in Grant County, SR 28 MP 52.83, in Grant County, I-90 MP 138.15 to MP 179.72, in Grant County, US 97 MP 184.96, in Chelan County, US 97A MP 199.92, in Chelan County, SR 282 MP 4.37 to MP 4.79, in Grant County, by constructing Permanent Signing and other work.
Bids due in 18 days
2/12/20 5:00 pm
Sandblast and Recoat Barker Tank
Consolidated Irrigation District No.19
Spokane Valley, WA
Furnishing of the necessary labor, equipment, materials and guarantees thereof to Re-Coat and Sandblast One (1) 2 MG Reservoir Interior/Exterior.
Bids due in 19 days
2/13/20 11:00 am
EWU - Cheney Hall Storm Drainage
TD&H Engineering, Inc.
Cheney, WA
Work of the Project includes the construction of a storm drainage main for the Cheney Hall roof drains, including grading, curbing, sidewalks, ADA ramp, pavement, electrical, and other related items.
Bids due in 24 days
2/18/20 2:00 pm
WSU - Sloan Hall/Dana Hall Roof Replacement
Washington State University
Pullman, WA
Project includes removal and replacement of the entire roofing system on Sloan and Dana Halls on the Pullman Campus. Roof area is approx. 11,600 sf (Sloan) and 21,000 sf (Dana).
Bids due in 31 days
2/25/20 9:30 am
Chelan County Dryden Transfer Station Second Tip Floor
Chelan County
Dryden, WA
The Chelan County Solid Waste Project No. SW834 provides for the improvement of Chelan County Dryden Transfer Station Second Tip Floor, Constructing a New Second Tip Floor Facility, Pre-Engineered Metal Building, Concrete Foundations and Flatwork, Site Work, Electrical, Plumbing, and Repairing the Existing Push Pit Toping Slab and other work.
Bids due in 20 days
2/14/20 2:00 pm
Spokane Public Schools - Wireless Access Points and Related Support Contracts
Spokane Public Schools
Spokane, WA
Spokane Public Schools is seeking competitive pricing on Wireless Access Points as specified in Section II), for the period of April 1, 2020 through August 30, 2023 with two automatic 1-year extensions (August 30, 2025) at the discretion of the District. The District will notify vendor 60 days prior to expiration if they do not intend to extend the pricing for another year. All pricing to include model upgrades for the duration of the agreement.
Bids due in 25 days
2/19/20 10:30 am
12th Ave. Collections System Phase 1 - Post Falls
Keller Associates
Post Falls, ID
The Project consists of construction of the new 12th Avenue Lift Station at the southwest corner of E. 12th Avenue and N. October Glory Street to replace the existing Crimson King lift station located west of the proposed site. Work elements will include demolition of the existing Crimson King Lift Station, construction of a new lift station, electrical building, equalization basin, and odor control. Work includes demolition, as well as construction of concrete structures (above and below grade), a masonry wall building, piping, HVAC, electrical and controls, site work, miscellaneous appurtenant work, and installation of mechanical equipment. Mechanical equipment includes pumps, odor control, and other miscellaneous equipment.
Bids due in 2 months
3/27/20 3:00 pm
Purchase and Installation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) System - Leavenworth
City of Leavenworth
Leavenworth, WA
The City of Leavenworth, WA is requesting quotes from qualified suppliers/contractors for installation and implementation of a fully integrated Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system. This new system will provide capabilities that include remotely reading water meters, quickly detecting leaks, and allowing water customers to monitor their water usage in real time. The selected firm will be responsible for developing and providing services in accordance with the scope of services outlined in the proposal.