Public Jobs

Bids due in 11 days
6/27/19 2:00 pm
Benton County
Prosser, WA
Vertical Realignment, ditches, and Paving of PR 669
Bids due in 23 days
7/9/19 2:00 pm
2019 Water Main Replacement - Brier & Lynwood
Alderwood Water & Wastewater District
Lynnwood, WA
The work under this Contract includes: Schedule A: Repair of 12” cast iron water main located approximately 12 to 15 feet below grade either by replacing part of pipe or cap/plug existing water service stub out(s). District will provide service caps/plugs or 12” pipe and sleeves and/or fittings as necessary for the repair. The work will also include traffic control, erosion control, restoration and dewatering. The location of work is in City of Brier.
Bids due in 15 days
7/1/19 1:00 pm
Diverse Fiber Route - Spokane
City of Spokane
Spokane, WA
The project includes the installation of aerial and underground fiber optic cable, and the splicing, termination, and testing of the installed cable. The aerial portion of the fiber route will involve an over-lash of the new fiber cable to an existing City-occupied messenger. Most of the underground portion of the fiber route will be placed in existing conduit runs as detailed, with two short sections of new conduit to be installed as part of this project.
Bids due in 11 days
6/27/19 10:00 am
North Field Improvements Project - ARI
City of Liberty Lake
Liberty Lake, WA
The project consists of constructing an expansion to an existing parking lot as well as a pathway and other site improvements surrounding the Liberty Lake baseball fields adjacent to the elementary schools. The work will include installing a new asphalt parking lot, asphalt pathway, concrete sidewalk, lighting, storm drainage improvements and associated landscape improvements in accordance with the attached Contract Plans, Contract Provisions, and the WSDOT Standard Specifications.
Bids due in 32 days
7/18/19 3:00 pm
Central Valley School District Ridgeline High School - ARI
ALSC Architects
Spokane Valley, WA
This project involves the construction of an approximate 240,000 SF new, two story high school, and related site improvements. The site is substantially located within the Liberty Lake city limits and the City of Liberty Lake is the jurisdiction having review authority.
Bids due in 16 days
7/2/19 2:00 pm
Water Treatment Plant Facade Replacement - Richland
City of Richland
Richland, WA
This project includes the replacement of the City’s Water Treatment Plant’s (100 Saint Street) existing external ‘curtain walls’ with new steel stud framed walls including siding, painting, new aluminum framed entrances & storefront, removal (demolition) of select existing exterior walls and minor roof construction, and other incidental work.
Bids due in 5 days
6/21/19 4:00 pm
RFP - Modular Manufacturing and Energy Modeling Services - Kennewick
Community Frameworks
Kennewick, WA
Housing Authority City of Kennewick (KHA), as project sponsor, is requesting proposals to design, construct, and install 16 units of modular micro housing aimed at homeless families, homeless veterans, and homeless persons with disabilities in the city of Kennewick, WA. The proposed homes will be a mix of studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom units, some detached and some duplex. There will also be a small community building on site.
Bids due in 5 days
6/21/19 2:00 pm
RFQ - HAZMAT Memo for NEPA - Pasco
City Of Pasco
Pasco, WA
For professional services for the preparation of a low level hazmat report for the construction of the Traffic Signal Improvements - Citywide Phase 2 project. The project includes traffic signal improvements at twenty-one intersections throughout the City. Approximately forty parcels will be impacted by the work and will require temporary easements or permanent acquisitions. The selected firm will be responsible for preparing said tech memo for NEPA approval by WSDOT and/or FHWA.
Bids due in 22 days
7/8/19 5:00 pm
Commercial Source Aggregate - Whitman County
Whitman County Engineering
Colfax, WA
The Contractor referred to as “Commercial Source”, registered to do business in the state in which they are located, shall provide Whitman County with the opportunity to purchase aggregate. Aggregate shall be stored at the Commercial Source site but hauled to project or maintenance site locations by Whitman County forces.
Bids due in 23 days
7/9/19 10:00 am
Reaney Pool Repair & Liner Replacement - Pullman
Design West Architects
Pullman, WA
The project scope of work consists of: the removal and replacement of the existing dive pool vinyl liner; patch and repair of any and all surfaces adjacent to and/or concealed by the existing line; and replacement with new vinyl pool liner system.