CWU - Dining Renovation Project Feasibility Study RFQ

Services will include program review and pre-design, and basic architectural services to support comprehensive program development and conceptual design. Services are intended to start 2nd quarter of 2020. Upon the successful completion of the Dining Renovation Project Feasibility Study, the University, at its discretion, may authorize additional services which will include design, bidding and construction. Options for project management support throughout the life-cycle of the project is also in consideration. Additional services authorization is dependent on CWU approval, mutual agreement, and the expedient completion of the Dining Renovation Project Feasibility Study. The renovation project will include initial assessment of dining program needs, to ensure facilities are in a state to provide the level of service expected of the student population and campus community, for both present state and future growth. Assessment is to be followed with a strategic master plan to begin a phased renovation plan that can be accomplished over a set period of time. Opportunities for efficiencies within the current program are plentiful, with that, this project is to be inclusive of addressing existing inefficiencies, in order to operate as efficiently as possible, with operating cost savings initiatives to be included in the plan, in order to meet current and future operating cost increases.


Bidding Closed

Bid Date1/29/20 3:00 pm

Company & Contacts

Central Washington University

Delano Palmer -   (509) 963-2906


Ellensburg, WA

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