Sonic Drive-in Restaurant (Sub-Bids to Burman Companies) - Reno

Sonic Drive-in Restaurant


Bidding Closed

Bid Date1/16/20 12:00 pm

Company & Contacts

Burman Companies

Wes Castillo -   (417) 581-0304


Reno, NV


Bidders may download electronic files at no cost. Printed documents are available, at Bidders expense, by choosing the “Order” option.

Please contact Wes Castillo at the email address above or by phone at 417-581-0304 if you experience any difficulties with the link above or if you have any questions.
- Please note the responsibility matrix in the supplemental information folder. This document is for clarification only. If there are any questions or concerns regarding this document or any other document in the bid information packet, please call to attention of GC.
- Please bid the plan set as a complete set of contract documents. All trades need to review all plans sheet during bid prep to avoid any plan discrepancies. It is expected that any and all discrepancies in the plans will be discovered during the bid process and call to the GC’s attention during the creation of all subcontractor proposals. Any discrepancies will be reviewed and corrected prior to bid submission.
- It will be responsibility of subcontractor to contact all utility departments to ensure requirements for power, gas, water, and sewer are met and can be achieved within the 90-day construction period and coordinate any owner responsibilities with the GC. If there are any issues contractor is to notify GC during bid process.
- It will be the responsibility of the contractor to ensure the project is in compliance with all national, state, and local codes along with ADA compliance requirements. If there are any issues the subcontractor is to notify GC at bid time.
- This email is to be considered a part of the plan set and will be included in the executed contract.
- The design intent for all features of this project are in the plans and specifications. Change orders due to means and methods will not be accepted. If there is any system, detail, or note on any plan sheet or specification that is not absolutely clear to the subcontractor during the bid process there needs to be an RFI and resolution prior to bid completion. If there are no questions regarding the plan set during the bid process, the GC will proceed with the understanding that the subcontractor has provided a complete bid.
- Should the owner or local municipality request additional work, it will be expected that the subcontractor will be able to provide a breakdown of time, labor, and material if necessary. It will also be expected for certain scopes of work that the subcontractor will be able to provide quantities included in bid versus additional work requested by owner or required by the local municipality.
- If a local utility provider or local municipality requires a change to any scope of work, the subcontractor is to notify the GC the same day. The subcontractor should also review, within 48 hours, whether or not the change will add burden to the subcontractor or change the scope of work in the from the complete plan set in any way.