Small Natural Gas Meters 250-300 scfh - Ellensburg

SMALL NATURAL GAS METERS Specific Requirements: All gas meters shall be diaphragm type The center-to-center measurement from inlet to outlet shall be 6". The connections shall be "1-inch Pitts", "Equimeter 1ΒΌ" spud" or approved equal, top inlet and outlet All meters shall carry a badge stating "City of Ellensburg" All meters shall have an individual serial number and shall be calibrated. All meters shall meet ANSI B109.1 Standards Calibration certificates will be supplied for each meter delivered. All meters shall be temperature compensated. All meters shall be direct read index (No dial). 4 Digit Minimum 2ft and 1/2ft index drive test dials All meters must be ERT compatible with Itron (see note for more ERT information) All meters shall have an aluminum top. All meters shall be 5-10 psi maximum operating pressure. All meters shall be finished in gray vinyl enamel. Meter maximum capacities shall be 300 scfh or less, but not less than 250 scfh. The quantity being requested is 160 meters of this type. If meters in excess of 160 are requested, they shall be ordered in multiples of 40.


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Bid Date12/5/19 3:00 pm

Company & Contacts

City of Ellensburg

Beth Leader   (509) 925-8614


Ellensburg, WA

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