Manito Park Irrigation Renovation Project

Construct a new irrigation system watering approx 816,000 sf of existing park land including installation of approx 1,500 lf of irrigation mainline, 7,100 lf of lateral line, 7,900 lf of subsurface dripline, 185 lf of irrigation sleeving, 2 point of connection assemblies including valves and accessories, one mainline isolation valve, 26 electric valves, 6 quick coupling valves, 2 mainline drain valves, 159 pop-up spray heads, 70 pop-up rotor heads, one irrigation controller and electric service. Convert approx 83,600 sf of existing turf lawn to new seeded mixes and associated grow-in. Install approx 2,300 sf of gravel footpath, approx 11,200 sf of planting bed mulch, and landscape plantings. Test and commissioning of irrigation system components. Cut and cap existing irrigation infrastructure.
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