Black Mountain Tower Project 2019 (Re-Bid) - Boundary County

The Project consists of supplying and installing a Self-Supporting 100’ Tower in accordance with District, state and federal standards and regulations on Black Mountain, and other related work as set forth in the Contract Documents, Specifications and Forest Service Agreement. It is the intent of these documents to describe the work required to complete this project in sufficient detail to secure comparable competent bids. All parts of work not specifically mentioned which are necessary in order to provide a complete installation shall be included in the bid and shall conform to all Local, State and Federal requirements.
Date Company Contact
5/21/19 11:57 am
Day Wireless Systems 2608 W Sylvester St.
Pasco, WA 99301
Lucas Ottle
Comm Tech
Tel: 15097922288
5/21/19 11:58 am
Electric Utility Stages Calyton NA
Tel: 509-370-8072
5/21/19 11:58 am
Kasco of Idaho Jason N/A
Tel: 208-661-4152
5/21/19 11:58 am
Sabre Industries 575 East Interstate 20
Fort Worth, TX 76119
David Dorris
Tel: 817-255-3060
5/21/19 11:59 am
Trindera Engineering Spencer Goodall
Tel: 208-620-3342
5/21/19 11:57 am
Wesslen Construction, Inc. PO Box 56
Spokane, WA 99210
Jeff Wesslen
Vice President
Tel: 509-534-4346
Fax: 509-536-4031