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This Bid Package is being distributed for the following Scopes of Work: 089119 Fixed Louvers, 220593 Testing, Adjusting and Balancing for Plumbing, 230000 HVAC Basic Requirements, 230513 Common Motor Requirements for HVAC, 230529 Hangers and Supports for HVAC Piping, Ductwork and Equipment, 230548 Vibration and Seismic Controls for HVAC Equipment, 230553 Identification of HVAC Piping, Ductwork and Equipment, 230593 Testing, Adjusting and Balancing for HVAC, 230700 HVAC Insulation, 230800 Commissioning of HVAC, 230900 Instrumentation and Control Performance Specifications (Alternate Only), 230913 Variable Frequency Drives, 232113 HVAC Piping, 233100 HVAC Ducts and Casings, 233300 Air Duct Accessories, 233400 HVAC Fans, 233513 Dust Collection Systems, 233700 Air Outlets and Inlets, 234000 HVAC Air Cleaning Devices, 236201 Variable Refrigerant Flow Volume(VRF_VRV) Systems, 237223 Packaged Air-to-Energy Recovery Units, 237313 Modular Air Handling Units, 238117 Computer Room Air Conditioners, 238126 Small Split System and Unitary HVAC Equipment, 238143 Air Source Heat Pumps, 238200 Terminal Heat Transfer Equipment, 413423.33 Powder Coat Booth (as it applies to this work scope), 421516 Industrial Curing Ovens (as it applies to this work scope).


Bidding Closed

Bid Date5/30/19 1:00 pm

Company & Contacts

Lydig Construction, Inc.

Marc Seeberger,   (509) 534-0451


Malaga, WA

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