LLSWD South Liberty Drive Water Main Replacement and Repaving - ARI

The base bid work generally consists of constructing approximately 3,300 feet of 8-inch ductile iron water line, valves, service lines, new fire hydrants, surface restoration, asphalt paving and related appurtenances.


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date5/1/19 3:00 pm

Bid Date5/7/19 3:30 pm

Company & Contacts

Century West Engineering

Dennis Fuller, ddfuller@centurywest.com   (509) 838-3810


Liberty Lake, WA

At the Owners request, Bidders may obtain the project and bid information from their plan room at www.centurywestplanroom.com.

Plan Centers may download the project information from www.abadandistribution.com.