YHA Veterans Supportive Housing & Services Center (Sub-Bids - Walker Construction)

Work of the Project includes the remodel of an existing one-story Marine Reserve Armory building and the construction of new two-story apartment buildings and townhomes: 1. The existing Armory Building is a one-story concrete masonry building. It will be remodeled to include fourteen studio apartment units, common space, office space and space for a medical clinic. 2. The apartment buildings and townhomes will be wood framed construction. 3. The project will include site work as shown on Architectural, Landscape and Civil plans. The site work will include a new road, pedestrian paths, landscaping and below grade storm water infiltration structures. 4. Fire protection piping shown on the Civil plans is shown for the purpose of coordination with other utilities. This portion of the site utility and interior mechanical systems is not covered by the building permit. The design and installation of this system is the responsibility of the General Contractor and Fire Protection subcontractor, who shall provide the design and licensure required by the City of Yakima and the Yakima Fire Department to install this system, exterior and interior parts. 5. Existing gas service piping up to and including the meter will be retained and re-used. 6. Street Improvement work is required adjacent to the site as shown on Civil plans and street improvement plans. 7. The land and facilities adjacent to this project are not part of this work and are not available to this contractor or sub-contractors for any purpose except to construct the work shown. Use of adjacent property for construction purposes, if any, and the written approval of those property owners is the responsibility of the Contractor(s). 8. See Division 00, Supplemental Conditions, for delineation of permit responsibilities. 9. The site has not been excavated or remediated. Hazardous materials and contaminated soils are present on site per the Phase 2 Environmental Assessment produced by Fulcrum Environmental Consulting. All contaminated soils will be remediated on site.
Date Company Contact Bid Categories
4/22/19 2:28 pm
American Tradition Homes 111 East Lincoln Road
Suite 104
Spokane, WA 99208
Brenda Day
Tel: 509-468-0212
Fax: 509-468-0143
2. Sub Contractor
4/22/19 1:00 pm
Columbia River Plumbing PO Box 903
Richland, WA 99352
Darren Keller
Project Coordinator
Tel: 509-374-4674
Fax: 509-374-4655
2. Sub Contractor
4/22/19 11:42 am
De-El Enterprises 11306 E Montgomery Dr #6
Spokane Valley, WA 99026
Eric Hill
Tel: 509-202-0735
Fax: 509-443-5475
2. Sub Contractor
5/2/19 9:50 am
Generation Plastering 2326 W A ST.
Pasco, WA 99301
Dave Petersen
Tel: 509-545-8222
Fax: 509-545-5823
2. Sub Contractor
4/19/19 3:27 pm
Intelligent Signage 4006 Coleridge Rd.
Wilmington, DE 19802
Lynn Orvis
Tel: 413-530-3710
Fax: 413-530-3710
3. Supplier
5/1/19 2:42 pm
Nationwide Gutter 4312 Reeder Dr
Carrollton, TX 75010
Andrew Chustz
Tel: 9722412900
2. Sub Contractor
4/30/19 6:02 pm
RC Building Specialties 4229 NW Meisner Dr
Portland, OR 97229
Michelle Chesire
Tel: 503-568-6431
Fax: 509-645-9748
3. Supplier
4/19/19 11:44 am
Ridgeline Graphics 34 N. Chelan Ave.
Wenatchee, WA 98801
Plan Center
Wenatchee Plancenter Manager
Tel: 509-662-6858
Fax: 509-663-8530
6. Other
5/3/19 12:06 pm
Simonet Woodwork Ltd 5515 92 street
Edmonton, AB t8h 0k3
Karl Abrahart
General Manager
Tel: 780-438-2474
Fax: 780-434-9351
2. Sub Contractor
4/23/19 2:30 pm
Sorrelle construction Inc Po box 552
Hayden, ID 83835
Greg Sorrelle
Tel: 208-818-6700
2. Sub Contractor
5/8/19 10:57 am
TopLine Counters 3900 150th Ave Ct E
Sumner, WA 99001
Gary Seil
Branch Manager
Tel: 509-822-8204
2. Sub Contractor
5/10/19 12:43 pm
VPI Quality Windows 3420 E Ferry Ave
Spokane, WA 99202
Catherine McGowan
Tel: 509-535-1026
Fax: 509-536-9382
1. General Contractor
2. Sub Contractor
3. Supplier
4. Architect/Engineer
5. Consultant
6. Other
5/6/19 3:55 pm
Walker Construction, Inc. PO Box 3901
Spokane, WA 99220
Mary Ooms
Tel: 509-535-3354
1. General Contractor