LV - North ICF Cottages - Windows and Doors Replacement - Medical Lake

The Work of Project is defined by the Contract Documents and consists of the following: 1. Base Bid a. Replace exterior sliding-glass doors on seven (6) intermediate care facility (ICF) cottages at Lakeland Village. b. Replace exterior windows at five (5) ICF cottages at Lakeland Village.
Date Company Contact Bid Categories
1/22/19 10:49 am
Spokane Sunscreen 7227 E. Sprague Ave.
Spokane, WA 99212
Rick Johnson
Tel: 509-328-4015
Fax: 509-328-3107
2. Sub Contractor
1/11/19 7:52 am
Western States Construction, Inc. PO Box 208
Valleyford, WA 99036
Maynard Davis
Tel: 509-892-0600
1. General Contractor