WTEF Ash Building, Ash Equipment and Wet Scrubber Repairs - Spokane

The WTEF is seeking a qualified contractor to support its continuing effort to maintain the Ash Handling Building, Ash Handling Equipment and Wet Scrubber System. The ash building, ash handling equipment and wet scrubber are original equipment and systems were designed, built and have been in use since the plant was constructed in 1990. From years of use and the corrosive environment in which the building and equipment are in it is necessary to inspect and make plans for building and equipment to be replaced and or repaired.


Bidding Closed

Bid Date1/14/19 1:00 pm

Company & Contacts

City of Spokane

David Paine dpaine@spokanecity.org   (509) 625-6878


Spokane, Eastern WA

Bidders may download electronic files for a nominal fee of $5.00. Printed documents are available, at Bidders expense, by choosing the “Order” option.