ADA Self-Assessment and Transition Plan - Walla Walla

Though not intended to be an all-inclusive list, the following are specific items to be addressed with this project: • Review self-assessment information, identify data gaps (e.g. traffic signals, parking lots, etc.) and provide recommendations for how to address data gaps in a time and cost-effective manner. • Lead and conduct outreach and engagement with key stakeholders to identify any gaps in the self-assessment and to help prioritize barrier removal. • Develop recommended strategies to address the removal of barriers, costs and a schedule to fully address them. • Identify processes to facilitate implementation and management of the transition plan. • Provide recommendations for mapping, reporting and tracking progress made towards barrier removal. • Develop a financially constrained schedule for implementing barrier removal, based upon available funding levels. • Recommend a set of milestones to allow the City of Walla Walla to monitor progress on the transition plan implementation. • Review and comment upon the City’s draft (2018) grievance policy and procedures. • Provide recommendations for the City’s ADA Coordinator (e.g. staffing levels, resources, and work plan).


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Walla Walla, Eastern WA

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