Keller Lane Property Owners Association - New Prouction Well Drilling, Installation & Testing (Re-Bi

The proposed work includes construction of a new groundwater production well to a depth of approximately 200 feet bgs and includes the following work: Furnish, install and remove 12-inch temporary casing to a depth of 20 feet bgs, Construct a surface seal to a depth of 20 feet bgs, Furnish and install permanent 8-inch steel casing to the bottom of the well bore, Furnish and install an 8-inch telescoping stainless steel screen, K-packer, riser and tailpipe, Sample geologic materials, measure water levels and estimate water production during drilling, Develop, clean and disinfect the well,Furnish, install and operate a 125 gpm test pump during step-rate and 24-hour pump testing.


Bidding Closed

Bid Date12/13/18 2:00 pm

Company & Contacts

Varela & Associates, INC.

Jeff Moran   (509) 328-6066


Keller, Eastern WA

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