Spokane Arterial Street Preservation Project - North (Phase 1) - 2017148 - ARI

This project consists of the construction of approximately 64,000 square yards of HMA pavement grinding, 2,000 linear feet of cement concrete curb, 1,500 square yards of sidewalk, 60,000 square yards of 2-inch thick HMA pavement, 4,000 square yards of 4- inch thick HMA pavement, 6,000 squared yards of pavement repair, sundry utility adjustments, and other related miscellaneous items.


Bidding Closed

Bid Date12/3/18 1:00 pm

Company & Contacts

City of Spokane Engineering Dept.

Rich Proszek, rproszek@spokanecity.org   (509) 625-6064


Spokane, Eastern WA

At the Owners request, Bidders may obtain the project and bid information from their plan room at ‘www.cityofspokaneplans.com’

Plan Centers may download the project information from ‘www.abadandistribution.com’