East Low Canal Kansas Prairie No. 1 and Kansas Prairie No. 2 Siphons - Adams County

The Project is located in Irrigation Blocks 46 and 47 within the service area of the East Columbia Basin Irrigation District within the Columbia Basin Project (CBP), in Adams County, approximately seven (7) miles east of Othello, WA. The Project will include the Work required to add the second siphon barrel which was accommodated in the original East Low Canal construction, with the inlet and outlet structures already built; Kansas Prairie No. 1 siphon is approximately 745.5 feet long and Kansas Prairie No. 2 siphon is approximately 1,277.4 feet long. Construction of the siphons will include: removal and control of water; diversion and care of Kansas Prairie Coulees; clearing and grubbing; stripping; earthwork for siphon trench; removal of concrete and wood stoplogs; reinstallation of concrete stoplogs; construction of siphon using monolithic cast-in-place concrete; corrosion protection and monitoring system; and reinforced cast-in-place concrete for blowoff structure. Construction will also include furnishing and installing gravel surfacing, and seeding and soil supplements.
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