Division St Multimodal Safety

Construction of approximately 3,300 lineal feet of multimodal path. Consisting of 360 square yards of removal of surfacing, 500 lineal feet of asphalt pavement saw cutting, 1,600 cubic yards of embankment, 376 square yards of drainage geotextile, 200 lineal feet of infiltration trench, 90 cubic yards of rock valley gutter aggregate, 147 lineal feet of 12 inch storm sewer pipe, 1 storm sewer manhole, 8 concrete inlets, 14 adjusting boxes, 4,800 square feet of retaining wall, 980 tons of aggregate base, 400 square yards of loose aggregate base (16 inches thick), 20 square yards of granular drain backfill (12 inches thick), 410 tons of Level 2 ½ inch ACP mixture, 15 asphalt approaches, 370 lineal feet of concrete curb, 690 square feet of concrete driveway, 3,200 square feet of concrete walks, 920 square feet of valley gutter concrete surfacing, 370 square feet of truncated domes on new surfaces, 1,250 foot board measure of wood sign posts, 0.4 acres of permanent seeding, 1,220 lineal feet of 6 foot chain link fence, and 153 Sleeve-It™ fence post anchors.


Bidding Closed

Bid Date4/8/21 2:00 pm

Company & Contacts

J-U-B Engineers

Tom Wallace - twallace@jub.com   (541) 963-7100



Project Estimate: $750,000 to $1,200,000

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