Olympic College Mechanical Improvements

Campus of Olympic College: 1. Building 4 – Humanities & Student Services: Provide three new air conditioning units. [Note that this is Alternate Bid No 1 work, see Section 01 03 00 - Alternates.] 2. Building 6 – Hazelwood Library: Replace existing HVAC unit HVAC-3 with new and provide HVAC revisions at first floor. Remove existing HVAC unit HVAC-4 and provide VRF system at area served. 3. Building 8 – Science & Technology: Provide new fume hood fan and connect to an existing fume hood. 4. Building 10 – Bremerton Student Center: Provide HVAC system balancing and commissioning for existing HVAC equipment in kitchen area. Replace kitchen hood fire suppression systems with new. Replace water heater with new. Provide VRF system with office spaces. 5. Building 15 – Facilities Services Building: Provide controls for HVAC units in data rooms. Work also includes plumbing, controls, balancing, and electrical work associated with the HVAC scope. Also includes roof penetration work. [Note that this is Alternate Bid No 2 work, see Section 01 03 00 - Alternates.]
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