Lewiston - Nez Perce County Regional Airport - 2nd Floor Departure Lounge

The work involves the alteration and construction of the existing building, including partial demolition of existing walls and ceilings, removal concrete floor slab for new stair opening, new stairs, handrails and guardrails, new flooring, new suspend ceilings, and new lighting. Electrical and mechanical system will be modified as require for new space configuration.
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Division 00 - Procurement and Contracting Requirements 1.1 MB
Division 01 - General Requirements 361.7 KB
Division 02 - Existing Conditions 79.2 KB
Division 03 - Concrete 88.8 KB
Division 05 - Metals 112.8 KB
Division 08 - Openings 119.2 KB
Division 09 - Finishes 128.7 KB
Division 10 - Specialties 77.9 KB
Division 12 - Furnishings 81.0 KB