ESH - Eastlake: Door & Hardware Replacement

Work of the Contract can be summarized as follows: Replace various doors and hardware. Work consists of, but is not limited to, removing doors and replacing with new doors and hardware and removing some interior door/frame assemblies and providing large door/frame assemblies. Associated work consists of, but is not limited to, light gauge metal framing, gypsum board assemblies, painting, flooring, resilient base, electrical lighting (switch) relocation at doors with larger frames, and miscellaneous other work associated with replacement.
Date Company Contact Bid Categories
9/15/20 1:47 pm
De Neff Deeble Barton Associates Malcolm Hain
Tel: 509-327-1538
6. Other
9/14/20 10:26 am
Graham Construction & Management, Inc. N. 331 Fancher Road
Spokane, WA 99212
Tina Rodeen
Tel: 509-534-1030
1. General Contractor